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Dr. W.J. Donkoh Participated in the launch of the American Council of Learned Societies Programme to deepen scholarship in the Humanities. The programme seeks to offer fellowships to young Faculty and researchers in Africa. The objective is to assist African researchers pursuing doctoral and post doctoral research in the Humanities to write winnable proposals. The workshop was held from the 18th 20th September 2008, at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon. As a follow-up, Dr. Donkoh and Mrs. Vesta Adu-Gyamfi of the Department of Integrated Arts and Rural Industry who attended the programme together are planning to disseminate information and insights acquired from the workshop among Faulty within the College of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Coordinator for the college of Art and Social Sciences Intra-College Seminar Series since 2006. Under her auspices the College organized seven seminars during the 2007/2008 academic year. She presented a Public Lecture on the topic "50 years of Science and Technology Education in Ghana: Interrogating the Past, Shaping the Future" on 10th October 2007.

An International Conference on the Bicentennial anniversary of the Abolition of the Trans-
Atlantic Slave Trade was oganised from the 7th 12th August 2007 at Elmina. The Conference sponsored by the US-based Umuhundro Institute of Early American History and Culture brought together a select group of Africanist scholars from around the world to share ideas, knowledge and experiences about the slave trade and its abolition. Under the theme, "The Bloody Handwriting is on the Wall", Dr. Donkoh presented a paper titled, "Fantse Man from the North: The Slave Trade, Memory, Perception and Construction of Identity in Ghana".

Mr. Kwasi Amakye-Boateng a political studies lecturer attended a seminar under the theme "Effective Democratic Governance: The role of Stake Holders." It was the 3rd Daily Graphic Governance Dialogue, the conference was held on the 5th 6th of August 2008. The conference explored what role state holders could play in the Governance of Ghana. The papers presented at the seminars covered such areas as the National Electoral Commission, Security, women's role in enhancing governance and the contribution of governance institutions as well.