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Dr. Ali Yakubu Nyaaba has several years of professional experience in research and teaching. He has taught courses in Research Method, History of the African Diaspora, History of Ghana, Introduction to Political Science, International Relations, various aspects of African History etc at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi, University of Education, Winneba and as a tutor at the University of Ghana Distance Centre in Kumasi, all in Ghana.

Ali has special expertise in historical and social research (information gathering) and data analysis through the use of descriptive and statistical tools. He has researched into various aspects of the indigenous Political System in Northern Ghana and the African Diaspora (particularly about the Brazilian Returnees to some parts of West Africa).

Ali has published a considerable number of articles in reputable journals across the world. He has been an Internship Coordinator for the Department of History and Political Studies, KNUST since the 2012/2013 Academic Year. He is also a member of several learned associations and committees including the Ghana Studies Council, the Historical Society of Ghana.



Tel: +233 243921278 / +233 266167014 / +233 202968936 / +233 233921278



  • Indigenous political systems and governance (particularly in Northern Ghana).

  • Traditional conflict resolution.

  • African Diaspora.

  • African history

  • International Studies


Institution                                                                                                 Date            Award                              

1. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Tech. (KNUST), Ghana      2009         PhD (Historical Studies)

2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Tech. (KNUST), Ghana      2004         BA (History/Sociology)

Publications Arising out of Research

Nyaaba A.Y. etal, Manipulation of the Indigenous Political Institution in Navrongo from 1900-1966, in Eric Sakyi Nketsia ed. Distance Forum Vol. 1 ( Bloomington: 2011).

Nyaaba A.Y. etal, The Indigenous Political System of the Kasena-Nankana of Navrongo from the Pre-Colonial Period, in Eric Sakyi Nketsia ed. Distance Forum Vol. 2 (Accra: 2012).

Research Papers under Review in 2013

a. Reverse Diaspora and Reverse Acculturation: A Re-examination of Afro-Brazilian Surnames in Keta (Ghana) – (West Africa Review, USA).

b. Who Wields Political Power: An Examination of the ambiguities in the Roles and Responsibilities of Tendanma and Chiefs in Northern  Ghana – (The Afrikan Journal of Culture, Politics and Consciousness, USA).


Undergraduate Courses Taught (2013/2014 Academic Year)

a. Economic and Social History of Ghana

b. History of Southern and Central Africa

c. History of East Africa

d. Introduction to the Study of African History

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Ali Yakubu Nyaaba